Power process engineer

Azienda: Innovative Management Services s.r.l.
Data annuncio: 03/08/2018
Sede di lavoro: Torino

During construction assist as required with the effort to correctly inspect, calibrate, repair, refurbish install all plant instrumentation. Monitor installation of all plant instrumentation to ensure that it is installed as designed and per best industry practices. Assist with training of plant operations and maintenance personnel in all aspects of I&C installation, testing, repair and operation. Assist Startup and Commissioning effort as requested under the direct control of the Commissioning Manager.

As plant approaches operational status transition to ongoing duties:

Lead effort of plant operations to improve plant safety, reliability, financial performance and ease of operation through proper application of the Instrumentation and Controls systems provided.
Determine the expected operational parameters for all plant systems and document the basis for these parameters.
Set up automatic systems to gather and correlate all operational data on a real time basis. System should then compare instantaneous data and trends, both short and long term, to required parameters and provide appropriate feedback to operations management.
Evaluate all performance parameter trends to identify any decrease in plant performance and then determine the root causes. Provide these evaluations to plant management with recommendations concerning the situation as it currently exists, and any forecast of the future impacts that might reasonably be expected.
If possible provide options which would result in the return of the system to its preferred operating performance levels.
Review control system documentation on a regular basis to ensure that any and all changes are being correctly designed, tested, implemented and operationally tested per corporate guidelines and best industry practices.
Provide recommendations to plant management to remedy any deficiencies and to incorporate any process improvements that are developed over time.
Recommend and lead the design and testing of controls systems modifications that would contribute to successful power plant operation. Assist as required with the implementation of these changes.
Daily check of all process data collection system inputs to ensure that actual plant operating conditions are being correctly gathered.
Review routine required calibration logs and any non-routine calibrations to ensure that plant instrumentation is being maintained at an acceptable level.
Recommend any modifications to the plant instrumentation that would improve the quality of data gathered and allow more accurate monitoring and control of the plant. Lead role in development of economic justification and budget for such projects.
Observe and document plant operations and maintenance work on a regular basis to verify that all instrumentation is being correctly maintained.
Monitor and analyze human factors involved with plant operations relating to I&C interfaces. Proactively identify improvements that could reduce the possibility of operator error and increase operator productivity.
Supervise and mentor the work of a Jr. Process Engineer.
Monitor the productivity and workmanship quality of any outside I&C personnel working at the plant, especially those directly involved with the controls systems.
Assist plant line operations personnel with the resolution of any controls issues encountered on a daily basis.
Assist with root cause investigations of any operational incidents and assume a lead role if there is any evidence that would suggest I&C issues were a primary or contributing factor.
Recommend any control system upgrades and assist with planning, scheduling, and execution of these modifications.
Assist with planning and coordination of all activities affecting the instrumentation and controls system during plant planned outages and overhauls. Monitor work in progress and inspect I&C components as work is being completed in all areas to identify deficiencies caused by outage work.
Assist with training of operations personnel on an ongoing basis to increase understanding of plant functions and I&C systems in particular. Goal is to constantly increase the expertise and capabilities of personnel in executing their assigned duties within their authorized limits.
Responsible for ensuring all work performed is documented per corporate requirements and analyzed for ongoing trends that could affect plant availability and performance.
Understand the concepts of routine, preventative, and predictive maintenance and provide management with detailed recommendations of how they can best be applied to the plant I&C system in particular and plant equipment in general.
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